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Fall Favorites and Inspo!

The basic girl comes out in me in FULL force during the fall. I love all the colors, the clothes, the scents, the music, all of it! Basically I’m a walking Pinterest board. You know, on the days I choose to be. So as we get closer and closer to the first official day of fall, I thought I’d share some of my fall favorites with you that I go back to year after year.


Flannel. I LOVE me a good flannel, either as a good layering piece or as a top buttoned up. I love the plaid and the extra weight they add. I’ll even get a flannel from the men’s section for cheaper and to add the oversized look.

Leather jackets. I have one faux leather jacket that I am absolutely obsessed with for the fall. I’ll pair it with some booties and a pull-over knit sweater, and boom- instant fall outfit. Which actually leads me to my next fall fashion favorite…

Booties. I am a huge fan of high heel booties for fall and winter. They are so comfy and if you get the right pair, they’ll go with anything, which I love! I’ll pair them with flannel and jeans to dress it up, or with a Sunday Mass outfit. There are so many cute varieties- from chunky heels to stilettos to wedges, to flats, that there’s something for every taste!

Beanies. A good slouchy beanie isn’t for everyone, but I love them to add another level of fall-ness to my outfit.


Cinnamon. I could just end the list here.

Clove. With the cinnamon, I mean come on!

Pumpkin. Need I say more?


Something I don’t talk about here is makeup. I love a good glam makeup look, and it’s a good creative outlet for me. So here are my fall makeup faves!

Copper shadows. If my eyes don’t look like a penny, I feel like I’m doing something wrong. Is that just me? This cream shadow duo is my favorite for that nice coppery look! I’ll use just the cream shadow, or add the glitter on top for something extra.

Warm browns on the eyes. I love warm brown shadows to go with the copper, and between the two, I feel like there are few things that are as fall-like as that! This palette is my go-to for all those gorgeous fall shades, especially the mattes!

Hunter green liners and eye shadows. I know it’s not for everyone, but if I’m ever looking for a more colorful look, I’ll go for a nice dark green shade in an eyeliner or an eyeshadow to mix things up.


This might come as a weird one to some of you, but there are some songs I listen to almost exclusively in autumn. I feel like fall music just has a different feel to it, and so I go through the painstaking process of curating a playlist every fall. Here are some favorites that make it on even after years of listening.

This Girl (Kungs vs. Cookin’ on 3 Burners) by Kungs, Cookin on 3 Burners”

This one is a great option for a jam sesh! I always picture fall in particular when I hear it.

“Unforgettable” by Thomas Rhett

Ya gotta play it on the 14th of October.

Feast Days

The fall season has SO many great feast days, so I thought I’d include some favorites here!


14- The Exaltation of the Holy Cross. I just love this feast so much.

23- Padre Pio. One of my dad’s favorite saints, and such a cool one!


1- St. Therese. For obvious reasons.

2- Guardian Angels. Again, obvious reasons.

4- St. Faustina. I love her and the Divine Mercy message, so gotta celebrate her!

7- Our Lady of the Rosary. Do I need to explain?

15- St. Theresa of Avila. I love her so much, and have been getting to know her over the past few years.

16- St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. The nun to whom Jesus revealed His Sacred Heart, and who we get that particular devotion from!

20- St. Paul of the Cross. I heard of him for the first time a few years back, and I’m so looking forward to celebrating him again, because he’s a total boss.

22- St. John Paul II. This man is such a father to me in so many ways, and one of my absolute Saint BFFs.


1- All Saints

2- All Souls

3- St. Martin de Porres. My patron and another BSFF (Best Saint Friend Forever)

Varies- Christ the King Sunday. Because wow.

30- St. Andrew. The feast of the parish I grew up at, so he'll always have a special place in my heart.


Even though nothing beats curling up with a good book, here are some great fall faves for things to do!

Corn maze. I love a maze, so getting to do it in one of my favorite seasons is even better!

Photoshoot. I know, I’m basic.

Playing in the leaves! Duh.

Walks. Because I like seeing the colors and feeling the cool air.

Drives with the windows down. It’s finally cold enough to do it without melting.

So there you have it, those are some of my absolute favorite things for the fall! I hope this inspired you to embrace the fall spirit, and let me know what your fall favorites are! I’d love to know what y’all love for autumn. Leave me a comment with your fall favorites!

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